Here are the latest updates to the Monster List of UX Books.
Publication Dates

I added publication dates for most books (I couldn’t find dates for some) as well as a New Releases view.
New Gallery Views
I also added new gallery views for Rated BooksNew Releases, and Recently Added books.
Newly Released Books
Type Pairing Lookbooks by Jeremiah Shoaf
Learn InVision Studio by Daniel Schwarz
Refactoring UI by Adam Wathan & Steve Schoger
 • Preview: Labels are a last resort
Books Reviews by Users
Learn UX Design by Daniel Schwarz
"The book is really great for beginners and also work as a pocket guide for professional UX Designers."
- Ash Ome, Rating: 5/5

Design Is a Job by Mike Monteiro
"Did not like this book, very logical straightforward information and felt like the author was just bragging about how great a designer he was."
- Milo Filo, Rating: 2/5

"Really great resource, constantly refer to this at my job."
- Milo Filo, Rating: 5/5

"A great book from the Lean school of thought - the take home for me was about creating just enough to move the conversation on. Learn from things, don't be afraid to fail or throw things out."
- Matt Watson-Power, Rating: 4/5

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Other Recently Added Books
Rise of the DEO: Leadership by Design by Christopher Ireland and Maria Giudice
Other Changes
I recently discovered that How to Make Sense of Any Mess by Abby Covert is viewable online for free.
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