I’ve posted several updates to my Monster List of UX Books over the past 8 months, but I wanted to put them in a more visible format. I also wanted to highlight new and upcoming books. To that end, I collected these items into this post. I plan to do more of these posts as I continue to make updates, so let me know if you find this helpful.
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35 Books Every Designer Should Read by Vincent van der Meulen
Service Design Books by Jacquelyn Brioux
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Book Reviews by Users
"An excellent introduction to user centered design. A must read for all aspiring UXers."
- Hawk, Rating: 5/5

"This book is great for first-time managers and other creative professionals looking to strengthen collaborative processes like design reviews."
- Taylor Palmer, Rating: 5/5

"Although it's almost two decades old, Alan Cooper's handbook of user-centered design remains relevant. The fundamentals concepts around scenario planning, personas, user goals, tasks, and completion as the basics of interaction design are as important today as they were in the Web 1.0 era."
- Miguel Gonzalez, Rating: 4/5

"An excellent overview of interaction design and the Goal-Directed Design (GDD) process. Kim Goodwin takes the time to unpack each phase of the GDD process explaining how each works and showing how it all connects together. On our team this book is given to every UX/Interaction Designer."
- Grant Baker, Rating: 5/5

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Other Recently Added Books
Design+Code by Meng To
Learn UX Design by Daniel Schwarz
Measuring Happiness: The Economics of Well-Being (paid link) by Ronnie Schob, Andreas Knabe, and Joachim Weimann
Designing the Internet of Things (paid link) by Hakim Cassimally and Adrian McEwen
Jump Start Adobe XD by Daniel Schwarz
Jump Start Sketch by Daniel Schwarz
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