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I recently started publishing new update posts for the Monster List to my website in addition to Medium. I’ve now transferred all of my previous update posts to my website. This wasn’t a straight copy/paste. The posts now highlight book recommendations and reviews from users of the Monster List. I will continue posting updates to Medium for the time being, but my website is now the primary home for Monster List updates.
1000 Books
The Monster List of UX Books recently hit a new milestone: there are now over 1000 books on the list!
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"There’s still a limited literature on designing digital products for kids, but, at the same time, they’re becoming more and more part of today’s children’s lives, especially during a pandemic, when remote schooling and homeschooling are the only option in most of the world. This book wants to be a full compendium on designing a digital experience for children (and parents and teachers), touching topics such as UX best practices, the business of digital products for kids, technology and more. Furthermore, many of the interaction, visual and usability principles explained here can be applied to design more inclusive experiences for adults with disabilities as well."
- unnamed user

"The book breaks down the different laws and rules of human experience."
- Azhar Yatim, Rating: 5/5

"It’s complete, surfacing the 3 important phases of the design process : framing / facilitation / transformation inside organizations. Very handy, serious, articulated and easy to read."
- Samuel Rousselier, Rating: 5/5

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