A little over a year ago, I created The Monster List of UX Books by compiling every list of recommended UX books I could find into a Google spreadsheet. While a spreadsheet worked well enough in the beginning, updating the list was tedious and error-prone (inaccurate tallies, duplicate books and authors, etc.). I had also received many requests from users for features like rating books, which Google Sheets could not support.
Moving to Airtable
Over the past few months, I’ve been transferring the Monster List to Airtable, a web app for creating databases, as well as adding new lists, books, and categories. I’ve also added new features and functionality that are now possible using Airtable.
Overview of Updates to the List:
 • Gallery view with book cover images
 • User ratings: sort the list by user ratings and submit your own ratings
 • Categorization: suggest new categories
 • Feedback form
 • 179 new books, 24 new lists, and 13 new categories
Exploring the New List
You can explore the embedded list in the embedded previews below or open the full list in a new tab.
Gallery View:
Table View:
Video Tour
For those of you unfamiliar with Airtable, I also made a quick screen recording (no audio) to demonstrate how to navigate the list:
Top Books Added to the List
Creative Confidence (paid link) by Tom Kelley & David Kelley
Thinking in Systems: A Primer (paid link) by Diana Wright & Donella H. Meadows
The Vignelli Canon (paid link) by Massimo Vignelli
How You Can Get Involved and Help Improve the List
Rate and Categorize Books
You can now rate and suggest categories for any book on the Monster List using this form:
Submit Feedback
Did you come across a new list or book not on the Monster List? Do you have suggestions for how to improve the list or other general feedback? Share it through the feedback form:
Support the List
If you find the Monster List helpful, there are a few ways you can support it:
 • Buy a book on Amazon using one of the referral links in this post or other posts on my website. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases you make after opening one of those links. Please note that this only applies to Amazon links here on my website, not the links in the Monster List itself or my Medium posts about the list.
 • Sign up for Airtable using my referral link. I receive $10 credit at Airtable for every person that signs up for a free Airtable account with my link, which pays for one month of Airtable Plus.
 • Buy me a coffee. Do you already have an Airtable account and don’t want to buy anything on Amazon but still want to support the list? Consider making a donation through my Buy Me a Coffee page.
 • And, of course, share the list with others.
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